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Mobile App Security Service

App Security Vetting



      TanoSecure helps enterprise test for app security vulnerabilities. After testing, we offer a comprehensive test report, help in understanding the security level, and point out security vulnerabilities. We target Android APK & iOS iPA programs to test for development errors.

  •  Help test app security vulnerabilities
      • Improper Privacy Handling: improper access of mobile information. For example: mobile internal information, personal photos, contact lists or GPS data.
      • Connection Encryption: improper data protection. For example: important data storage and transmission without encryption.
      • Native security: programming bugs. For example: improperly referenced third party libraries and arbitrary external links.
      • Execution context: poor efficiency. For example: excessive power consumption and interface issues.

 Expose malicious Apps- detect installed backdoors and embedded viruses in order to avoid industrial or commercial loss.

 Hunting piracy app- judge and point out that the app was plagiarized or manipulated to avoid app store uploads.

 Picket inappropriate website content- to protect juveniles from drug, violence, eroticism, phishing websites as well as putting an end to illegal and terrorist activities

App Security Classification Chart