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2017.03 TanoSecure, ACIS join hands to promote App Security in Thailand

      ACIS (Advanced Certified Information Security) is a prestigious company of information security and training services in Thailand. To promote mobile application (App) security in Thailand, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed by Mr. Prinya Hom-anek, president of ACIS, and Mr. Keng Lee, CCO of TanoSecure, in January of 2017. The initial focus will be in the business of App security in Thailand’s financial & insurance industries and public sectors.

      In Thailand, Mr. Prinya Hom-anek is recognized as a pioneer in the field of information security and has published over 130 informative security articles. In addition, he is frequently invited to be a guest on TV and radio programs for information security advocacy. Mr. Prinya Hom-anek also founded the ACIS Professional Center, which provides training and consulting services in the field of information technology.

      TanoSecure believes that its local business can thrive under the supervision of Mr. Prinya Hom-anek, and cordially welcomes interested enterprises to develop the Thai market with us.