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2016.06 Indian Division of TanoSecure Established


      On June 30th, 2016, Tanosecure cooperated with an Indian information firm, Cloudatix, that specializes in cloud application and together established a joint venture company in New Delhi. Our Chief Operating Officer Keng Lee, on behalf of Tanosecure signed the contract with Cloudatix's Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Sharma. Both parties jointly explored the IoT application and App security testing and consultant training. Sanjay Sharma as CEO and he also in charge of promoting Indian domestic business. In the future, the business will expand from India to Sri Lanka and other Middle Eastern countries.

      Sanjay Sharma is known for his internet technology firm, ICT, in India. His work experience has included assignments in Canada, Europe, Singapore and Japan. Under his leadership, our business will expand quickly. We are exploring new opportunities for domestic and international enterprises develop the Indian market together.


Indian Division of TanoSecure Established (June 30th, 2016)