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2016.06 TanoSecure led many App companies from different countries to formulate the world’s first mobile application security vetting standards.
      TanoSecure has been attending the global App security meetings for quite some time. During the RSA conference in San Francisco in April of 2015, TanoSecure inspired CSA to form a mobile App security vetting working group (MAST).


      In order to establish a set of testing guidelines, the general manager of TanoSecure, Eric Wang, gathered 290 experts to join the discussion. The debating process lasted for six months with a total of 15 meetings, 620 ideas and 6 drafts. The first version of the vetting criteria was issued in November of 2015. After examining this edition for 3 months, another 200 suggestions were made by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Huawei, and other major corporations around the world. Finally in June of 2016, the white paper of the world’s first mobile application security testing standards was published.