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Manage Team

Robert Chen,The Chairman of TanoSecure



  • Mr. Chen has over 20 years of work experience in electronic hardware and IT, including working with Haier, DuPont, and CHIMEI. Because he is a keen observer of IT trends and market movements, he notices the security of mobile Apps has been neglected. His goal is to provide a secured mobile app user experience; therefore, he forms a team developing the App security testing tool and establishes TanoSecure.





Eric Wang,CTO


    Mr. Wang devotes himself in the IT industry for 30 year, and he is also a person with many faces.

  • A mobile IT security specialist and the co-chair of the CSA MAST group

  • A member of the mobile application security committee of MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs)

  • A certified ethical hacker

  • The inventor of the static and dynamic mixing security validation with weight verification vetting system

  • The creator of the App vetting unknown parameters sampling and criterion method

  • The designer of the architecture of IoT marketplace





Keng Lee,Chief Operating Officer



  • Thirty-year experience of information industry that included fifteen-year experience of global marketing. He knows international affairs well, goods at strategic layout, promote enterprise globalization and international business. He responsible for corporate consultant in Taiwan and India.

  • He is the main contributor of Cloud Security Alliance, “MAST”, Mobile Apps Security vetting and Cloud Vulnerabilty, etc… to participate global mobile app security standards, vet and promote them.





Frank Liu,General Consultant


  • Mr. Frank Liu is a famous venture capitalist. He was responsible for the investments of countless large companies. He also served as the Singapore Transpac Capital Pte Ltd. Director Executive Vice President of the National Development Fund Commission, so he has the acute business acumen.

  • He used to invest in ten funds which included Acer, Master Kong, Alibaba, ESS, IMA Telecom Inc., and Way System Inc. among others. Mr. Liu is well-respected in the field of high-tech industry investment. His biggest wish is to look for the unique technology in order to solve life's and issues and hardships.

  • Now, Mr. Liu is our General Counsultant and he provides guidance and promotion strategies to help Tanosecure explore infinite possibilities.




Sanjay Sharma,CEO of TanoSecure (India)



  • Overall 24 years of experience specializing in product development, sales, product marketing, consulting and operations across Telecom and IT domain for India, Canada, Singapore, Italy and Middle East

  • He was responsible for building several technology initiatives such as System Integration, Campus Networking, Data Center Services and Telepresence Solutions/Services.