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Award and Patent


      TanoSecure, with specific techniques and contributions in domains of Mobile Phone App Security, IoT, and Cloud Vulnerability, honorably gained qualifications for the Executive Corporation Member of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) in June, 2016.

      The Executive Corporation Member of CSA includes globally famous software corporations of information security like Microsoft, VMWare, HP, etc. Hence, it’s really an honor for TanoSecure to be an esteemed Executive Corporation Member of CSA.

      In the future, TanoSecure will lead other software corporations of information security to create Mobile App Security Testing Certification and Cloud Security Alliance Certification, making sure that global information security remains safe.




Ron Knode Service Award” 2016, CSA



      To thanks to TanoSecure’s continuous contributions to global information security, we are rewarded with “Ron Knode Service Award” by CSA in 2016.





First place at Cross Startup 2016


      Cross Startup is one of the most prestigious competitions held in Mainland China. There are over 2,000 projects registered and competition is fierce. The whole competing process last for 6 months. TanoSecure won first place in the IoT division for outstanding performance and second place in the general division.